Maya Zankoul is a Lebanese graphic/web designer and blogger. She started by putting her work online and it grew into a book Maya Zankoul’s Amalgam. Her sketches represent situations that she faces in her daily life in which she criticizes the Lebanese society. She will be visiting our Media, Technology, and Culture class this week and these are the questions I would like to ask her:

 Which of the new media’s outlets made you most reachable to your audience members?

 Have you faced any censorship issues? What about self-censorship? Do you practice it in your daily life blogging?

What is your main message you would like to deliver through your blog?

Do you think that art is more expressive than words when it comes to delivering a certain idea?

You criticize in your blog women in Lebanon and how they are being used as sexual objects especially in ads, how do you view women’s status in Lebanon?

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Do you plan to produce a film based on your little comic strips like the film Persepolis?

Whenever you need to have a good laugh, Maya Zankoul’s blog or website are the right destinations, so go visit them: