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The bell of an abandoned Lebanese public school rings again for Syrian students

“He grabbed his backpack, which his mother filled with a shabby pile of papers and a pen bleeding his family’s agony, and headed to school. He arrived after an hour and a half walk with cold gusts slapping his face red and howling trees mourning the innocence of childhood.

But it seemed that the trees’ shrieks were not louder than the past voices of his family members. He described how the sounds of the family’s weeping because of the father’s death were still resonating in his head and in his heart.

Ali Al Awad, a 12 year old Syrian refugee, marched on the path of education down a valley in Chanay Mount Lebanon to reach his new school. “I arrived to Lebanon 7 months ago. This is the first school I attend in Lebanon”, he said.” …  Follow Ali’s education journey in Lebanon and find out more about the education-related difficulties Syrian refugee children are facing in Lebanon by reading my article published on Your Middle East website. 

Feminist TV channel to empower women in the Mediterranean countries

This is my article about Nissa TV , the first Euro-Mediterranean TV channel aiming at promoting gender equality and empowering women, published in Your Middle East ! Check it out!!


Well-written post about the influence of the interpreters’ own ideas and prejudices on the meaning they allude to Quranic verses!

the fatal feminist

As someone who has studied Arabic for a couple of years, compelled primarily by a desire to understand the Qur’an, and who remembers the frustration of not being able to understand it (and is aware of it still, because I have not mastered the language) I’m heartbroken when religious people—particularly women—dismiss their own interpretations on the basis that they are not familiar with the language, essentially surrendering the task to patriarchal scholars. Throughout Islamic history there have been an incredible number of female scholars, and it’s no accident that the numbers have dwindled to nothing as soon as self-appointed male gatekeepers were established. For women, acquiring an Islamic education has been deliberately made exceptionally difficult: most classes are segregated by sex, and to travel to other countries and enroll in Islamic schools the schools often require that the women are accompanied by a guardian. (Never mind that after the Prophet’s…

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Summer is here!!! Where to spend it? Lebanon and especially Mount Lebanon would be a great place to spend your summer. Aley , which is located in Mount Lebanon is half an hour from the city Beirut and is a major tourist destination in Lebanon. Its location and climate makes it a favorable venue for shopping, dining, and relaxing. The “Souk Aley” is a relatively long boulevard lined with trees and “Ras el Jabal” is a celestial place where you can enjoy biking, hiking, and barbecuing there. For sport and activities, you can visit Aley country club where you can camp,  rappel down a cliff, horse-ride,  and ride an ATV. There are  also numerous street cafes and outdoor restaurants that you can visit in Aley. 

The building's view

If you’re interested in buying a building that is located in “Hay el Basateen” in Aley and is near to Casino Piscine Aley, here are the details:



-Total area: 761 m2

-View: Beirut and a green valley

-Area: Calm but vivacious

Contact: +961 3 758964

The Building

مرَ من أمامي… الموتو أكيد على الرصيف عم يمشي… ببلد مثل لبنان, يمشي الناس على الطريق أما الموتو فعلى الأرصفة!

“لوين رايح؟” طلَ الشاب من المكان الذي يشبه المقهى و توجّه عند الشاب على الموتو…أجابه: “عند الدحدوح…”   “شو رايح تعمل عندو؟” سأله الشاب الذي أطلّ من المقهى  “رايح جيب  بصلة…” و صارو يتوتوتو بين بعض و بهاللحظة فتحت بوابة مدخل البناية و طبشت الباب من ورائي… كانت الساعة التاسعة “و شوي” ليلاً. ما كان الوقت يعتبر متأخّر “و مناسب للتحشيش”. حاولت استفسر عن “المقهى” اللي بيفتح أبوابه من الساعة السابعة صباحاً إلى الواحدة أو أكثر صباح اليوم التالي… و الذي لا يقصده إلّا “شلّة زعران المنطقة” (و اللي ولا مرّة شفت عندو حدا عم يشتري شي)…

 قال أحد سكّان البناية التي تقع قرب “المقهى”: “قلّي رفيقي إنّو رفيقه اللي بيشتغل ميكانيسيان حدّ المقهى دايماً بياخدو منّو مصاري لحتا يدفعو تمن الحشيش و بيرجعولو المصاري من عبكرا بس ما بعرف إذا المقهى تاعن بيستخدم لتصدير أو استيراد الحشيش! “

 تجدر الإشارة أن هناك العديد من هذا النوع من المقاهي منتشرة في أحياء بيروت و التي تجمع “زعران المنطقة”, فيا ريت بلديّة بيروت تأخذ في عين الاعتبار الإزعاج و الخطر التي تشكّله هذه المقاهي… و اللي ما بيجينا منها إلا سماع ضحكات الزعران ليلاً … نظرات وسخة لبنات المنطقة…و التحشييييييييييش

Antoine Naaman, the editor in chief of the T3 magazine, visited LAUsocial on Tuesday the 30th of March and Thursday the 1st of April. He assisted us in initiating internet connections on our phones with the necessary applications in order to be prepared for becoming citizen journalists. In his presentation, he discussed how he uses a specific application in order to connect his mobile phone to an LCD screen and actually display the presentation from his cell phone. He also mentioned about the different brands of cell phones and their recent marketplace where users of blackberries and Iphones are increasing in number. He also introduced different applications that can be used to access different websites. As broadcast nodes, we, LAUsocial students, are prepared to blog and tweet from any place!

You can view the videos of the visit on these links:

Visiting Baalbek temple ruins was very exciting. It was like I got a time machine and went back in time to the era of the Romans and Phoenicians. Known as Heliopolis (City of the Sun), the Phoenician city preserved its religious idiosyncrasy throughout the Roman times. Having a brief look at the history of Baalbek, the city was a place of worship to Baal (known as the Phoenician Sun God) in Phoenician times. During the Hellenistic period the Greeks named the city Heliopolis and it entered its golden age in 47 B.C., when Julius Caesar made it a Roman colony. In the temple of Bacchus, I started imagining how sacrifices were made to the Roman god of wine ,Bacchus (Dionysus).

Although Baalbek is a great cultural heritage to Lebanon and a significant touristic place, the thing that distracted me the most was that it didn’t look like a touristic place. I mean the region surrounding Baalbek ruins needs lots of renovations and governmental services. The streets leading towards the ruins were bumpy and narrow and didn’t indicate that this place was a touristic one. They were in dire conditions and trash was significantly present. I enjoyed the city with the crowdedness and the vividness of the old marketplace that still resembles part of the past; however, it is really isolated from aspects of modernity.

The second thing that is terrifying me the most is that Lebanon is expecting an earthquake and along with the humanitarian losses, cultural sites are under the threat of demolition. After the last war on Lebanon in 2006 experts sent to Lebanon by UNESCO to assess the state of the country’s cultural heritage sites found out that the site of Baalbek, inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List, was affected by the bombs where they reported that that cracks on the lintels of the temples of Jupiter and Bacchus at the site had probably widened because of vibrations from bombings nearby and warranted close monitoring. Although not much affected, the one block of stone has fallen down.

I hope that the government start funding projects dedicated for preserving these cultural heritage sites not only for attracting tourists but also because they resemble the cradle of ancient civilizations and the past eras that have had an impact on what we are today.

A learning experience

I’m learning how to post on my blog via email! Great!


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