After the live covering of “Arab Pop Culture and the Media” conference that took place April 21-23 at LAU Beirut campus(You can check the live coverage here:, I found out that live coverage is interesting and worth repeating. This Monday ,the 10th of May, I’m going to attend a debate at AUB entitled “Is Atheism Rational?” taking place from 5:00-7:00 and I’m going to live cover it. This debate is organized by the AUB’s Debate club and Insight club in collaboration with Adam Deen’s Lectures & Debates.

Poster of "Is Atheism Rational?" debate

  It will feature Adam Deen and Dr. Chris Johns. Adam Deen is an international public speaker on Muslim Apologetics. He is also a former Islam channel presenter and intellectual activist who has been working in the field of Muslim apologetics for almost a decade. He has contributed to debates on issues ranging from ethics, to religious philosophy and theology. Adam Deen is part of a movement that draws on contemporary Western philosophy to defend Islam in public debates. He also debated USA’s leading atheist Dan Barker author of ‘Godless’.

Adam Deen

Dr. Johns is an AUB philosophy professor. He received his Ph.D. in philosophy from Stony Brook University in 2007, specializing in the Modern period. His dissertation, The Science of Right in Leibniz’s Practical Philosophy, reveals the deontic, rather than consequentialist, foundations in Leibniz’s practical/moral philosophy. His article, “The Grounds of Right and Obligation in Leibniz and Hobbes” appears in The Review of Metaphysics (March 2009), and ‘Deontic Foundations in Leibniz’s Practical Philosophy’ appears in Studia Leibnitiana (Band 38/39). His current research focuses on Leibniz’s relation to Modern moral theorists such as Locke, Pufendorf, and Kant. Dr. Johns also has an M.A. in English literature and a B.A. in linguistics from Ohio State University. Prior to his appointment as Visiting Assistant Professor at the American University in Beirut, he was VAP at St. Xavier University in Chicago.
Dr.Chris Johns
The debate is open to the public. Follow my live tweets: @maysashawwa.