On Friday, I had a meeting with a person I met through Soliya’s Connect Program sessions online. He is Harry Baumgarten that decided to make a tour around the Middle East and currently is in Lebanon. He said that this is his first big travel experience and that he views it as a natural progression from our Soliya experience which encouraged him to consider the need for personal relationships to help deconstruct the myths and misconceptions which permeate U.S-Middle East relations and help widen his understanding. Simply put, Soliya Connect program is a program that uses new media and communication technologies to connect young people from around the world. In our sessions, we held discussions about the Western-Muslim relations and the present day conflicts in a rich online environment utilizing the latest in “social media” and learning technologies. On Friday, we discussed Lebanese politics and Israeli-Lebanese relations and he was pleased that he now had a broader understanding of Lebanese politics and culture. I introduced him to some of my friends. He said that Lebanon is the most country in the Middle East that he felt relaxed in and enjoyed. I hope that I’ve presented a good image about the Middle East. As in this case, Soliya literally brought us together.  Social media is really awesome!