The bell of an abandoned Lebanese public school rings again for Syrian students

“He grabbed his backpack, which his mother filled with a shabby pile of papers and a pen bleeding his family’s agony, and headed to school. He arrived after an hour and a half walk with cold gusts slapping his face red and howling trees mourning the innocence of childhood.

But it seemed that the trees’ shrieks were not louder than the past voices of his family members. He described how the sounds of the family’s weeping because of the father’s death were still resonating in his head and in his heart.

Ali Al Awad, a 12 year old Syrian refugee, marched on the path of education down a valley in Chanay Mount Lebanon to reach his new school. “I arrived to Lebanon 7 months ago. This is the first school I attend in Lebanon”, he said.” …  Follow Ali’s education journey in Lebanon and find out more about the education-related difficulties Syrian refugee children are facing in Lebanon by reading my article published on Your Middle East website. 

Feminist TV channel to empower women in the Mediterranean countries

This is my article about Nissa TV , the first Euro-Mediterranean TV channel aiming at promoting gender equality and empowering women, published in Your Middle East ! Check it out!!


“The Mediterranean’s foamy waves have brought more than the regular Lebanese garbage to the shore this time. They have brought with them the dirty Israeli methods for drilling, the deviated technologies that are employed to make the language of the sea more difficult to comprehend in this much exacerbated region…”

Will the mechanism of horizontal drilling be employed in the Eastern Mediterranean region by Israel and how would it affect the Lebanese gas resources?

Find out:

This is a link to my article published on hibr



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