A volcanic fight erupted at the Lebanese American University Beirut campus at the eve of the beginning of a peaceful weekend. At 6:00 p.m on Friday, students started to crowd at the upper gate and the mere shouting between them turned to hitting. The security guards calmed down the situation and the police officers rushed over and stopped the fight. LAU gates were closed. An eyewitness told me that the reason for the fight was that someone owed student money and the dispute between them intensified and turned to a big issue. Another eyewitness told me that there were other small-scale quarrels that took place since noon. Others said that it was a clash around a political issue. Regardless of the reason for the conflict, I think that if the students want to settle their disputes, LAU isn’t a place for that. It is very agitating that in the 21st century reputable universities are still the places where clashes occur.